[VIDEO]:- DQueen – Only God Can Save (Gospel)

Message from DQueen!

Ever since I took the step to actually get on the path I’ve always wanted I’ve seen Grace paving it’s way for me.
This year has being a spectacular one for me cos I’ve seen allot and experienced allot
Only God Can Save was one song that was Devine inspired.. amidst the ongoing crisis dying angonish and sufferings the human kind seemed to be in.
It fell on me to write a song that will direct our thinking to our only ever source of help, which is God.
I’ve written the song as it fell on my but had no intentions of recording it anytime soon.
But guess what the heavens took the lead cos it wanted the message to be out at the moment people are craving for a solution..
Then out of the sudden I recorded the song and did the necessary and released it that very month.
After than I thought it was over with for the song but no knowing that heaven still has a bigger plan for it.
I never prepared on doing any video this year but God did it.
I wasn’t prepared but He made it possible
I wasn’t willing to but He gave me everything at hand.
Out of it all it is now glory today cos the video is officially dropping today
Wanted dropping it 8PM today but people have started sharing it already… Thanks for the love immensely.
The heavens is leading and I can’t be grateful enough and is telling me that greater things are still to come.
I didn’t made this video happened cos I never planned for it.. and has it drops today.. I want you all to be part of his blessings by sharing it.
If not for me for the message that it carries to Reach more people.
Am ever grateful to everyone that made it a success how ever.. your blessings will surely locate you.

Download & Enjoy Below:-

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