Peace Ado Celebrated Her Birthday Today The 3rd Of January 2022, Answering The Questions She Gave Room For On Her Facebook Story A Qeek Ago!

Peace Ado celebrated her birthday today the 3rd of January 2022, answering the questions she gave room for on her Facebook story a week ago!

1. Question by Arch. Simon monday-How will you cope with Nigerian population growth as a head of state?

Reply “thanks for ur question Architect Monday Simon! Firstly, The Economic growth and development is what brought about population most a times and as a head of state I will make sure development spread and go viral to not just only the urban areas but rural areas or villages as well, So as to balance the population. For example people coming to seek for jobs in cities will already get what they want/need at the local level and move some offices, companies, and industries to rural areas ! Secondly, my Government will encourage the needs to adopt the population policies, Education which will include sex education and family planning and open the eyes of the citizens to understanding the effect of population on our society”.

2. Question by Arch. John!
” understand that we are not dating but friends. For the fact that I like you might trigger an action of sexual touches and play even if it’s not sex. Now my question is how and where can I touch you to be happy and enjoy the touches”.

Reply” thanks a lot Arch. John for ur question! First of all we are not dating as u stated and is well defined so I don’t understand why the relationship should involve touches, secondly the only thing that makes me happy and I enjoy is God, money and being myself.. Perhaps u enjoy having such kind of friendships it’s undisputed but I don’t keep such friends!

3. Question by Philip Paul.
“How many Boy friends do you have “.

Reply” this got me laughing! I used to have a boyfriend, I’ve had boyfriends but am now single… Looking forward to what 2022 got for me with grateful heart”.

4. Question by Smart Vee smith
“if people offends you, how do you handle them”.

Reply “it’s simple Mr. Vee, I let you know am hurt! Tell you what’s right forgive, and have my freedom and peace of mind!

5.Anonymous Question.

” What are your top priorities in life”

Reply ” thanks for your question. My top priorities in life are, My life, happiness, peace, my family, the gift of people is everything more important to me”.

Thank you very much for your questions once again.. I love you all… Though I expected some of the questions to be very relevant and sensible nevertheless, Thanks for the love… I really appreciate it.


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