HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Prophetess Aisha Joy Musa Celebrates Her Birthday Today (Biography)

Today been 14 Jan mark’s the Birthday Anniversary of a transgenerational FORCE: A people raiser and Kingdom Discipler Par Excellence; Pastor, Mentor, Mother, Prophetess, Teacher, Wordsmith, Record Breaker and Territorial Commander – Prophetess Aisha Joy Musa of Mountain Of Solution Ministry International .

Today is an iconic day for an iconic personality. It’s a great day in history as we celebrate an extraordinarily gifted and perceptive personality.

They say the pen is the strongest memory, but a life of high value to humanity made the day of your birth an easy memory for us. A visionary and inspirational leader with grace and elegance second to none.

Prophetess Aisha with a magnificent quality of guidance and mentorship which has helped kindle a renewed enthusiasm in many relationship with God and calling.

We are mesmerised by your vintage integrity and wisdom, which is the reason we commit our trust that necessitated the press for a vantage point to hear and learn from you.

Your perspective of life makes us want to live more thoughtful. You are an inspiration for us never to give up on life and destiny.Your guidance, light’s the way for so many of us on our journeys of faith.You are a phenomenon filled with a highly contagious joy and aura of happiness.

Always Styled in a powerful colourful dressing with steppings so fresh, radiating confidence which has satisfied cultural touchstones that represent the art of the era with so many copies. You are a gift to mankind.

Thank you for showing us the part to life in Jesus Christ with zeal and fervour.We love you.Happy Birthday, Ma. May your days be super bright and super special! Wishing you the happiest of birthdays! We wish you the most amazing day, filled with joyful moments!

Ma, your mentees and followers abound. We are deeply inspired by what we see The Lord doing through your hands, and our mindset is permanently changed.
We pray for many more years of undeniable impact and influence here on earth; and we are confident that your reward will NEVER elude you.





In the early 90s Alhaji Musa Garwa, a man from Kombadiya, a village on the hill in Michika Local Government Area, married a Cameroonian damsel. Her name is Hauwa. A woman he loved so much that he had to decide to join her faith- Islam. They settled in Mubi town, Adamawa State, Nigeria. A few months later, at about the dusk hour of the day, a cry of a newborn baby was heard in the home of Alhaji Musa in the Adamawa State, Nigeria. It was the birth of a girl child whose destiny lies hidden in her father’s desire to have a boy child as first birth. Alhaji Musa was disappointed to discover that the long-awaited child turns out to be a girl child.

Just like the birth of the child, Jesus brought unsettlement in the heart of the kings of the earth, the birth of baby Aisha, took away peace and love in the home of Alhaji Musa.

One day it was raining and baby Aisha needed child care. She was crying, but a dispute aroused between the couple about who should attend to the month-old baby. As no one could attend to the child, Alhaji Musa took the child and kept it outside in the rain. He does not want the disturbance caused by the child’s cry. “She is useless”, he said.

Mama Hauwa became overwhelmed by the unfair treatment given to her and her daughter, baby Aisha. She took the child and hung it on a tree while no one was watching and she left for her parent’s place. The few months old baby Aisha was said to be hanging on the tree from morning to evening. A cry of a child was heard by some group of farmers that were coming back from the farm. They traced the sound of the cry to a tree where they found baby Aisha was hanging in the leaves upon the tree. They climbed and rescued the little child.

Years later, Alhaji Musa was left alone by his wife to raise three children, Aisha, and her two brothers. He became tired of taking their responsibilities and took them to the river to throw them into it. “I don’t need you in my life. I wish that your remaining years on earth will be given to me because you are useless to me,” Alhaji Musa said. He never wanted them to be identified as his children. He told his friend who asked him who Aisha was to him, he responded, “She is my niece.”

Alhaji Musa married another wife who made the young teenage girl, Aisha, be mentally affected for three years. She was taken to several herbalists, yet she was not cured. A native doctor told them, if the girl must be delivered, someone has to give his life a ransom. A man who foresaw the great destiny of the child offered himself. The sacrifice was made, but the man did not die and the girl—Aisha was not cured. Later, God intervened, and she was healed with no treatment. Nonetheless the child, Aisha fought battles of destiny.

These are few amongst the rejections and threats against the destiny of the great prophetess of end-time revival.


I was taking a stroll down a large space alone. I saw the heavens open. Suddenly, a book like a spaceship came down from heaven. The book opened, and I saw on the left page a screen displaying a realistic picture of Hell and on the right page of the book, I saw Heaven.

“Choose your destiny,” I heard a voice speak to me. I closed and opened my eyes. It was the first dream I had while still a Muslim.

I was also walking by the roadside with a friend. Raising my eyes, I saw a man in a white robe standing, like he was waiting for us. They said he was Jesus. He called out to me and my friend, but she refused. I alone responded to his call and walked to Him. He walked me toward a path and we arrived at a bank of a river. There at the river, He was baptizing a group of people. But he took me to a different side on the shore where he dug a little stream and asked to baptize me in it. He dipped my head into the icy stream and baptized me. I felt the coldness of the water rush into my hair and touch my foreskin, and then I realized it was a dream.

Little did I know my conversion had happened in the realm of the supernatural. I could no longer resist the urge to sneak to a nearby church. After the dreams, light broke forth into the dark world I was lost in. Little did she know it was her initiation into the greatness that lies ahead.


​In 2010, after her conversion, Aisha was in Mubi for school. She joined herself at the Holy Trinity Catholic Church, Wuro-Patuji. One day, she was appointed to exhort her fellows during the block rosary legion of Mary, but because then she lacked confidence and boldness to stand before the congregation; she refused. She left and went home. But her peace ceased. Throughout the day, she was disturbed by unrest in her spirit and could not find rest within herself. She had no choice further but to carry out the assignment that was appointed to her. That evening at the block rosary legion of Mary, she preached on a topic, ‘Repent, for the kingdom of God is at hand.’ Right there, immediately after the sermon, her prophetic and spiritual eyes were opened. For the first time, she started seeing angels hovering around. She was scared, as she has never seen in the spirit realm. This marks the beginning of her prophetic ministry.

The night after, she had a dream. She was in a hospital praying for the sick and they were healed. The following morning, she was on her way to share the fascinating dream with a friend and she met a lady whose brother fainted. She asked to pray for sick the brother; she laid her hands and prayed and immediately the boy became conscious. Thereafter, the zeal and passion for lost souls erupted in the heart of young Aisha. She went on a house to house, from hospital to hospital and street to street for evangelism. In every house and hospital, she found the sick; she prayed for them and God backed her words with signs and wonders. This continued even during school holidays as she goes back to her village in Michika.

In 2013, God told her in a vision of the night, “Go and deliver my people from the oppression of the devil”. Here, the journey began.

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