Congratulation To One Of BenTouch Model: Nice Adamu As Top Finalist Face Of HONEYWEALTH 2020 Contest.

Congratulation to one of BenTouch Model (Nice Adamu) as she merge top finalist in face of HONEYWEALTH 2020 COntest Lagos Nigeria 🇳🇬.

Model: Adamu Nice

After running a different creativity, concept, and so many exercise HONEYWEALTH 2020 CONTEST merge Adamu Nice as top finalist.


BenTouch reveal how warmed and love he have to everyone that supported them during HONEYWEALTH 2020 online contest. Stay safe and keep supporting Modelling in and outside the state, WATCH us as we come up with so many concept of modelling and promise not to fail you either in or outside the state God bless our industry.

Model: Adamu Nice
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